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Metal Cutting With TeraDiode 

Thick Plate Cutting

The power of our patent protected multi-Wavelength Beam Combining (WBC) technology is seen here.  

WBC offers a broadband laser emissions which provides:

Increased energy absorption in metals

Wider range of process parameters

Thin Sheet Cutting

Cut thick to thin materials, highly reflective metals & alloys.

  • Eliminates the need for expensive complex cutting heads and frequent changes to optical configuration

  • Increased process speeds

  • Overall highly energy efficient

  • 30% greater absorption in Aluminium using our shorter 970nm wavelength compared to a fiber laser at 1060nm


Reflective Metal Cutting

Our lasers cut reflective materials with no risk of back-flash damage 


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  • ​Reflective materials include: copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel & aluminum. These materials reflect more & absorb less laser light than other materials. 

  • Our wavelength laser light is shorter than fiber or disk lasers which is absorbed better by these reflective metals and in the case of aluminum absorption is 30% greater with DDL than fiber lasers.

  • Back reflection & flashback caused by cutting these reflective materials can damage fiber and disk lasers which takes them out of operation for costly repairs. Our lasers are immune to back reflection.

Improved cut quality & smoothness

Increased processing speeds

TDI lasers cut thin materials with precision 

Metal cutting & etching done with direct diode lasers
diode laser cutting, direct diode laser cutting, high power diode laser
direct diode laser cutting metal
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