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TeraDiode Direct Diode Lasers

Copper, steel, brass, stainless, aluminim cutting with direct diode
Brass plate cut with direct diode laser
Brass plate cut with direct diode laser


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TeraDiode DDL Benefits

  • High wall plug efficiency
  • Power scaling to fit your needs
  • Diverse application options
  • Field replaceable TeraBlade module
  • No fiber splicing
  • Detachable process fiber
  • TeraDiode is the only DDL with beam quality to rival conventional fiber & disk lasers 

  • Shorter wavelength provides greater absorption in metals  

  • Faster processing speeds

  • Wider spectral band achieves superior edge quality

  • Direct diode design completely eliminates all fiber splices 

  • Dynamic Beam Shaper allows users to instantly select the optimum beam profile for every job

Direct Diode Laser Difference

Field Replaceable 

Small   Footprint



Highly Efficient

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