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Remote Laser Welding

direct diode remote welding
direct diode laser welding
direct diode welding, diode laser welding
direct diode remote welding
direct diode laser welding

TeraDiode lasers are the only direct-diode lasers suitable for remote welding

Welding With TeraDiode 

Below is remote welding of mild steel by Panasonic Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution (LAPRISS) at the Japanese International Welding Show in April 2014 in Tokyo 

Keyhole Weld Profiles

High Speed Welding

Remote Welding

Small Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)


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WBC, direct diode laser, remote welding, laser welding, DDL welding, weld depth control
WBC, direct diode laser, remote welding, key hole welding

Weld Depth Control

Below you can clearly see our weld profile depth increasing regularly with every 100W increase in power. Ranging from 500W to 1000W in low carbon steel.

TeraDiode customer states  "fiber laser has a tendency to lose the weld profile and gumdrop”

Above you can see well defined weld profiles at low power from 400W to 600W in stainless steel

TeraDiode customer states: “Especially at lower powers, TeraDiode laser was better at maintaining the 'nail head' weld profile when compared to fiber laser". 

Customer states “TDI lasers ability to increase or decrease weld penetration simply by varying power alone is impressive”. Customer “has trouble producing similar results with fiber laser”.

Conduction Welds 

direct diode laser welds, Teradiode welding, conduction welding, high speed welding
WBC, direct diode welding, conduction welding, spot welding
diode laser, direct diode, remote welding, high speed welding, small HAZ, steel welding

With our Dynamic Beam Shaper users can instantly change from deep penetrating keyhole welds to more superficial conduction welds. This function is performed from within the laser system, far away from the harsh environmental conditions of the work piece.

Welding With DBS 

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