With our Dynamic Beam Shaper option you can have a continuously variable beam profile tuned for any application. Want a fast cut in thin sheet or a deep penetration weld? Select a BPP of 4mm-mrad. Need to cut thick plate or achieve a wider weld bead? Change to a BPP of 20mm-mrad. All in a single system.

  • Increased productivity due to higher process speeds, improved cut quality reduces post-processing.

  • End users save money because DBS eliminates the need for complex & expensive process heads

  • User friendly easy to integrate and operate 

  • Adjust beam profile on the fly

  • Optimum edge quality for all material thicknesses with an entry level cutting head

  • Reduced cut taper

  • Reliable as dynamic function is performed within the laser system far away from harsh processing environment 

  • Easily integrated with simple analog control 0-10V DC


Dynamic Range of BPP 

TDI 4kW laser cut 16mm Aluminum (with magnification: 1.66 assist gas: N2 at 300psi nozzle diameter: 2.5mm feed rate: 0.2m/min)


Without DBS

With DBS

The example above shows the DBS difference. Edge quality improves drastically with DBS alone. 

TDI 4kW laser cut 16mm Aluminum (with magnification: 1.66 assist gas: N2 at 300psi nozzle diameter: 2.5mm feed rate: 0.2m/min)

With our Dynamic Beam Shaper users can instantly change from deep penetrating keyhole welds to more superficial conduction welds. This function is performed from within the laser system, far away from the harsh environmental conditions of the work piece.

Welding With DBS 


Choose from a range of BPP
from 4 through 20mm-mrad  

Allows users to instantly select the optimum beam profile for every job

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