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TeraBlade, Teradiode laser engine
TeraBlade, Teradiode, power scaling

Below is TeraBlade. This is another game changing innovation from TeraDiode. Each module contains our unique direct-diode configuration which combined with our WBC technology generates 1kW of power per blade. These blades are the "pistons" to our laser engines.  

TeraBlade Advantages

Field Replaceable 


High Energy Efficiency 


Future Power Density Inceases  
(with more powerful diodes)

Low Service Costs

No Fiber Splicing


Compact Design for Easy Machine Integration


Power Scaling up to 20kW
(with banks of blades)


TeraBlade Laser Engine

TeraDiode is currently making strides towards doubling the power density of each blade in the near future. We expect to increase each of our TeraBlade modules output power from 1kW to 2kW. 

TDI 8kW TeraBlade engine is pictured here

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