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   WBC offers broadband laser emissions which provides:

Increases energy absorption in metals

Wider range of process parameters

Improves cut quality & smoothness

Increases processing speeds

WBC, power scaling, multi-wavelength beam combinin, direct diode


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High power direct diode lasers cut and weld all metals

WBC allows for industrial applications of metal cutting & welding. With the widest range of materials and thicknesses as seen above all cut with our 4kW & 2kW Direct-Diode Laser products

WBC can be thought of as the spatial and directional superposition of many independent diode laser external cavities. The angle-to-wavelength conversion property of our diffraction grating is used to provide feedback to each emitter in an array, via a series of lenses, at different wavelengths. The laser resonator is formed between the HR coated back facet of the emitter and the output coupler.

WBC allows for brightness scaling of an emitter array because all of the laser elements are spatially overlapped at the output coupler, maintaining the output beam quality of a single element while scaling the output power by the number of elements in the array.

With this fundamental breakthrough in WBC technology, TeraDiode has developed the first ultra-high brightness, direct-diode lasers that are bright enough to cut and weld metal with performance similar to or better than the fiber laser. 

How WBC Works

Wavelength beam combining is an incoherent, multi-wavelength process. Our combining process results in output power that scales in proportion to the number of emitters, while the beam quality of an individual emitter is preserved. Thus, brightness increases with the number of emitters.

TeraDiode Unique Wavelength Beam Combining Technology  

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